Corpus Haenslianum

3 Excerpts from the monograph

352 pages, 849 illustrations,
hardcover 21,00 x 29,50

Editor Juerg Judin and Pay Matthis Karstens
Design Jakob Straub
Published by Hatje Cantz, Berlin
With texts by Ulrike Vedder, Erik Porath, John Berger, Juerg Judin, Pay Matthis Karstens,
ISBN 978-3-7757-4493-5

Using everyday objects, the painting concept artist Christoph Hänsli devotes himself to the major themes of human existence in extensive series of paintings. Scientific meticulousness and a sense of order combine with painterly freedom and a fine sense of humour.

This monograph is the first comprehensive overview of Hänsli's work as a painter over the past 25 years. In addition to an extensive picture section with over 800 illustrations, the volume contains three essays that illuminate the work from different perspectives.